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What is Plaque Attack?

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Plaque Attack is an advance three-way oral cure designed for all breeds of dogs and cats. It is specifically developed to contain high man-standard organic substances, which can be applicable for human consumption too!

It is a fact that plaque is the most common factor that causes dogs and cats to suffer from various dental and oral diseases. And if plaque causing bacteria and microorganism severely accumulates into your pet’s mouth, your pet may suffer halitosis, they may have their teeth fall out, and they may too, can suffer from other underlying diseases due to poor dental and oral condition.

Apparently, many veterinarians suggest that aside from regular brushing, dogs and cats should also receive a solution like Plaque Attack, which in turn could prevent oral bacteria build-up onto your pet’s oral cavity. Plaque Attack for dogs and cats serves as an innovative mouth squirt that instantly mix with your pet’s saliva to fight oral bacteria and coat the animal’s enamel so that these oral germs will not anymore damage the teeth and gum area.

Plaque Attack is capable of improving your pet’s oral hygiene in only few applications. It is normally applied twice a day, and can be applied as a follow-up oral cleaning treatment.

After several days of application, you will instantly see the outcomes of Plaque Attack through the whiter and healthier teeth and gums of your dog or cat.

Here are some reviews and comments from satisfied Plaque Attack costumers:


“My youngest kitten Sage had tons of tartar on her teeth even though she had her teeth cleaned once before. It isn’t like she is going to let us brush her teeth so I was desperate for a good solution. Already I could see her gums getting red and that meant she might have to have teeth pulled and would have a worse infection soon. So I took a chance on this plaque attack and can I say I am really impressed. In just two weeks all the plaque and tartar was gone.

I am now a loyal user and will continue to buy this product. I originally purchased this product through an external website but now I can order it directly from amazon.

Believe the pictures – this stuff works like magic. To your pet’s health!”

Rebecca Johnson – www.amazon.com


“I really didn’t expect a lot, but after two weeks there is a definite difference in my Jack Russell’s teeth. I have repeatedly put off a visit to the vet for teeth cleaning, due to the necessary anesthesia. With this product, we may be able to avoid the trip altogether. I will be a repeat customer on this item!”

MustangSall – www.amazon.com


How to use Plaque Attack?

Plaque Attack for dogs and cats is very easy to apply.

  1. Prepare the tartar fighting formula; you can test it to yourself to see if the squirt works okay.
  2. Lift your pet’s mouth, check on the damaged area. See whether or not there are cuts present in the gum area – this will prevent you from spraying on the cuts because your pet may refuse the solution if it feels something unpleasant on his mouth.
  3. Spray Plaque Attack on the mouth region that is affected by tartar and plaque.
  4. Apply Plaque Attack at least twice a day.


Plaque Attack as an initial solution for tartar and oral problems offers an innovative way of combating dental difficulties in both cats and dogs. It is indeed one cost-saving and effective way of eliminating oral bacteria. It’s 100% organic ingredients made it possible for your pets to avoid any tartaric substances and help themselves live happily and oral problem free.

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